Construction Services

Construction Services

We build personalized homes to fit your life and style, and every new home is designed to help save you money and conserve resources. At Jotun Holdings we value our relationships as we leverage our strong reputation to build beneficial partnerships that help provide us with the best material, resources and talent that we can offer.

We have delivered elegant, modern, sustainable high-quality houses in Sri Lanka.

Our well defined design and construction/build process, able to work with our clients in combination with our experience to select the best materials in the market have helped us achieve success in building our clients’ dream homes.

At Jotun we offer following services to our clients

House Planing

BOQ for Housing Loans

Building Construction

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No: 95/4 B, Matagoda, Handala, Wattala.  


Phone: +9476 66 580 78 |  +9476 01 314 75 

Land No: +9411 44 2 55 44

About Our Company

We are a company started our business in 2018 registered in Sri Lanka, as a construction company. At Jotun Holdings we have served our precious clients and able to gain their trust.